Oud Vietnam Incense cone – Incense for Healing

Introduction of incense cones

Incense cones are simply conical shaped masses of hardened incense. Throughout history, incense cones have been used to facilitate healing on all levels – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.  Incense is also used in many traditions to purify the energy of a space, removing negative energies that can further fuel illness.

Incense cones are burned to release the fragrance, selected and burned for relaxation and to create a pleasing and inviting environment in the home or office. Incense cones are also often incorporated in Hindu and Buddhist ceremonies, and elsewhere for its therapeutic benefits.

Incense cones are attractive to the senses and are pleasing to the eyes and nose. Depending on their composition, incense cones emit wither intense or soft aromatic fragrances used to enhance the scent of a room in general or as a sensory accompaniment to meditation yoga or religious practice. 

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Burning incense cones

Select an incense burner large enough to hold the incense cone. Take the cone and set it in a heatproof, such as an incense censer or an ashtray, with the point facing up. (Try to avoid a glass burner, as the bottom of the cone can get pretty hot).

Let the fire burn for about 10 seconds, then blow it, or fan it, until the flame goes out. The end of the cone should still be lit, but with no fire on the top. Moreover, never burn incenses without an incense burner or holder.

Incense Cones and Meditation

Depending on your environment, use and maintenance, the incense you buy can differ in its effects. Burning the right cone can fill sleep vibrations in your bedroom while another in your office can instill you with productivity.

Incense cones are used in meditation practices around the world.  Its pure incense form, free from an extraneous core, emits a more homogeneous aroma that has several uses depending on the meditation practice.  Incense cones are commonly used to purify a space prior the commencement of a meditation session.

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