Welcome to genuine Agarwood world !

If you’re a passionate about Agarwood, you’re looking for Oud Fragrance, you want to know more about this precious tree? This is a right place for you.
We’re Oud Vietnam Agarwood Ltd. from Viet Nam, which is a company with a closed activity field in manufacturing and trading of agarwood including providing Agarwood seedlings, planting, hand-crafted agarwood chips, producing Agarwood oil, Agarwood beads, and Incense.

What’s secret in Agarwood ?

Thanks to absorbing the nature’s spirit, Agarwood has a pure and mild scent. This scent could help to dispel bad spirits and neutralize bad omens.It can be considered as an energy-store-medicine which is more precious than gold.
Fragrance from products of Agarwood will be your secret weapon against stress, to strengthen the power of thought and keep your inner peace as well.
Let’s imagine how great it is when using Oud fragrance for tea or scent ceremony, you can enjoy your favorite cup of tea at the same time immerse in the delicacy of aromatic atmosphere. It is also a unique and luxurious way to start a conversation with friends and family members.

What’s special from Vietnam Agarwood ?
As you know Vietnam Agarwood is known to produce top quality Agarwood and finest oil. The reasons are due to its pleasant, mild scented and the quality strong lasting oil it produced. Besides, its favorable geographical and ecological conditions also contribute to the best source for agarwood and oil among the producers countries.
Vietnam is also home to Kinam, which is a very rare type of Agarwood with its own unique scent and chemical composition, which is the most resinuous form of agarwood and the most prized.

Why us

With our business, we believe that we will bring the best worth for our dearest customers and partners.

Besides the liability related to our products, we are also committed to be responsible to the environment as well as positively contribute to communities where we operate. Oud Vietnam always hold on this spirit of responsibility, clearly expressed through our standard in all of our performance areas.

Providing Seedlings

We providing high quality seedlings, beside we have a team of experts to support our customers and partners to ensure that Oud tree will grow optimally .


Currently, our company owns an Agarwood plantation in Huong Khe District, Ha Tinh Province.
Follow to studying of Vietnam National University of Forestry’s reseach “Analysing the compositions of the species of crassna forming the high-quality agarwood in Vietnam” , which was funded by Government of Federal Republic of Germany and conducted in Ha Tinh, initially showed that the qualities of Crassna and Agarwood in Ha Tinh probably ranked first in the world.

Manufacturing Agarwood Oil

A factory with modern equipment is located in Huong Khe District, and expert team plus a strict processing, we ensure that are able to create essential oil with high level of purity.

Hand-crafted Agarwood

We set up a craft village with highly skilled craftsmem. Our artisan Agarwood products are high class aesthetic and sophistication.

We offer you many Agarwood products are made totally by hand such as beads, incense, especially Agarwood chips in variety ranks with the best quality.

We believe in premium quality at a reasonable price. There are many stores that sell natural fragrances, but when it comes to Agarwood (Oud) product, it is hard to find a product that is of high quality.

Our aim is to bring you high quanlity Agarwood products from Vietnam. We would like to share these with you; a great ongoing relationship and ouds you love.

At Oud Vietnam, you can rest assured that you are getting a good bang for your buck. In fact, we welcome you to shop around and compare competitors’ products. We are confident that you will find that we strike a perfect balance with the price and quality we offer.