Guide to use Oud

We would like to share you some ways to get longer and more accurate scent profile of Oud

If you want a way to have your Oud essence to last longer and if you like it with a stronger scent, you can put a bit of it on your wearable accessories and clothes. But be careful because it stains clothing and the scent will still last for several days even after washing. Taking account of the natural skin moisture absorption, when compared to clothes and accessories, it will absorb your Oud faster. The lasting effect on clothing and access is longer than on skin, but the scent on your skin, thanks to the natural elements present in it, as in the natural essence, will provide a more complex aroma, but lasting as long as the essence lasts

  • When burning Oud wood chips, it’s recommended to burn it in a tray, similar to those used for burning incense. This will grant a purer scent of your burned Oud, compared to burning on coal. This is because coal requires that you do not prepare it too hot, as have the downside of mixing the coal scent with your wood. To heat up efficiently your coal, you may want to use a cigars lighter. Just keep cautious to not aim to the middle part, but yes to the far sides of it, immediately placing your Oud chip on the middle spot. While the head transitions from the sides to the middle of the coal, it will bring a slow burning effect, providing a more enjoyable and longer lasting smell

One enjoyable tip to have your whole home with the fragrance is to run a steam bath. After ensuring the bathroom is steamed, get some smoking Oud in there. The lingering scent will last very long, ensuring your home is scented.

  • Using a piece of newspaper to fan the Oud smoke during the burning process, will also help to get a stronger scent from the incense smoke to all areas from your home.. Just don’t fan directly at the coal, as it will take out the coal ashes from the burner.
  • Making use of the coal ashes, piling it up and using it as a bed for your Oud wood splinters will give you a perfected scent, without the charcoal smell.

Steps to applying oil and burning Oud chips to get the most out of Oud

  • Applying Oud oil:
  • Dab a drop of Oud oil onto the palmof your hand
  • Nicely  rub the two  palms together
  • Run your palms on the area between the lower neck and head
  • Run your Oud scented palms on your shoulders
  • Burning Oud chips:
  • Break the Oud wood chips into smaller pices, and prepare the coal over a low stove fire. Start to get your burner ready to receive the coal by wrapping a thin sheet of aluminium foil over it.
  • Put the coal on the burner using a tong, then take the piece of Oud wood that you intend to burn and place it on top of the light coal, the nice Oud  smell will begin to release.
  • As the scented smoke rises, traditionally, people will start to cup their hands right above the burner. At this time, you can see the melting resin of the agarwood. The most precious element of the Oud wood begins to melt away!
  • Proceed to scent your clothes and the inner part of your garments with the fragrant incense smoke. You can also scent the corners of your house by walking with the burner and let the fragrant smoke fill the whole house.

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