A personal comparison of natural Oud and cultivated Oud

We have a short comparison of natural and cultivated Oud. Especially, we will give you a homely tip to recognize natural and cultivated Oud chips in this post. Please note that all is a personal comments and simple looks.

Cultivated Oud:

Creation method:

Grower will impact on Agarwood tree by cutting, drilling with special yeast or chemical which is decomposed by naturally.

The agarwood’s quality of resin will be varies by growers’ technique.
The resin depends on the age of infection. The longer age of tree, the better the scent.
To grow the trees strong enough NOT to die before inoculated: 7 years. Time to harvest after inoculation: 2 to 3 years usually.
Safety: There are someone said that the cultivate Oud is not safe to consume, however it’s not totally right. Let’s see that:
Most of cultivated oud is provided CITES certificate.
There is no record of any incidents until now.
Besides, chemical will be washed away by rain or decomposed naturally. Chemical is not able to create oud, itself act as a catalysts or a “speed up” agent.

Price: Reasonable, negotiable depends on quality and quantity.
Agarwood chips: One of the option to identify if a piece of agarwood chip is cultivated or natural is to bring it the the laboratory. However, it is often too expensive and complicated for common purchasers. There is a unique technique that costs next-to-nothing to guide you in this matter: pay attention to the “hole” on the chip.If the hole is of a bigger size, it might have been drilled or nailed by tool, which indicates that it is cultivated rather than from the wild.

Natural Oud:

Creation method: Agarwood tree will be attacked by insects, thunder bolt, fingi.

Quality: The quality of agarwood resin is quite good.
Depend on the age of infection.
The more resin, the better the quality, the higher the price.
Safety: Absolutely it’s safe to consume.
However, the price is rising, someone feel like burning the natural wood chip one is like burning money.
Agarwood chips: If the whole is small, as if it is created by insects or ants. Please note this is only a general guide since many sellers are getting better and better at covering up their products. It is best to get the products from reliable sellers instead of going for the lowest available prices.

We hope you will have an overview about the natural Oud and cultivated Oud .

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