Handmade Agarwood Bracelets

The value of Agarwood is not only in its unique fragrance and rarity but also mythical status, which makes Agarwood one of the most sought-after trees in South East Asia, especially in Vietnam.

The essence oil extracted from Agarwood has been used as a basic component for many types of luxuriant perfumes and cosmetics in the East.

In ancient history, Agarwood bracelets were used as a spiritual weapon and a source of protection for its owner. It is because the aroma of Agarwood is believed to be able to expels negative energies, brings alertness, relieves anxiety, illuminates the mind and provides inner peace.

Agarwood bracelets should be kept close to its owner for its ability to produce harmonizing effects on the various elements to drives away evil spirits and bring good luck in both personal àn business life.

One of the most special things about a Agarwood bracelet is that its odor and color will be enhanced over the years. The longer you wear it, the better the scent. The more often the bracelet is rubbed against the skin, the stronger its scent will be. Wear it daily to continuously benefits from its therapeutic fragrance. It will be your secret weapon against stress, to strengthen the power of thought and keep your inner peace.



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