Also known as agarwood, aloeswood and jinkoh, oud is nature’s most exquisite fragrant offering.

Deep in a Far Eastern jungle, an evergreen tree is attacked by an infection. Much like our bodies’ immune system produces white blood cells, the tree starts producing a substance to combat the infection.

Over the years, the infection grows – as does the substance the tree produces. This is agarwood.

There are few natural aromatics that have as complex a scent spectrum as agarwood (oud). Natural ambergris, musk and rose also rank as some of the most valuable natural fragrances, but none come close to oud in the sheer transcendence and sublimity its fragrance boasts.

More than just a scent, oud can be mentally and spiritually engaging. In fact, specimens from different regions also seem to have an effect on a person’s emotions. Indonesian oils induce joy and frivolity, while Indian oils have a deeply pacifying quality which makes them popular for use with meditation. Go to our product catalog, and begin your own oud journey!


If you are new to oud, you might find that you like it better blended with a cologne, attar or mukhallat because oud itself has a very powerful smell. You might want to tone it down a bit.

However, once you get more and more accustomed and addicted to the fragrance of pure oud, you might become more reluctant to mix it with anything else.
And that is, in fact, giving oud its due right!

It’s true that oud has one of, if not, the most powerful smell in the world of perfumery. But it is usually the initial hit after application and smelling it right out of the bottle that can be overwhelming for the unexperienced nose. That is why, we strongly recommend starting off by applying very tiny amounts, and not smelling the oils directly.

Over time, as your nose gets used to the smell, you will find the smell of oud an absolute delight in its entirety, from application to the dry down.

Absolutely not.

In the Gulf countries of the Middle East, where oud oil is most celebrated and used, men use oud for special occasions, parties and things of that sort. In Yemen, a gift of oud is an expected part of the dowry that the bride receives from the groom

Oud is more than just a ‘scent’, which could be classified as masculine and feminine.
Rather, it has so much more to offer, and gender requisite is not a condition to be able to enjoy the offerings of this precious gift of nature.

You may initially find that you want to use oud for special ocassions.

However, as is usually the case, you may find yourself loving oud so much that you will want to use it daily. In fact, some people even use it several times a day because they can’t get enough of it

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 There are many stores that sell natural fragrances, but when it comes to Agarwood (Oud) product, it is hard to find a product that is of high quality.

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Yes, Oud oil is safe for applying on skin directly. You should try a small dab to be sure that your skin has no  unfavourable reaction.

You can rest your worries and be guaranteed that our products are authentic and free from any artificial alteration or addition of synthetic elements. The world of Oud is a minefield with plenty of sellers out there looking to make a quick buck through dishonest methods, with all sorts of shortchanging and adulteration of Oud by dishonest suppliers. Rest assured as Oud Vietnam prides itself in its integrity, professionalism and respect for our customers and fellow Oud lovers. We strive to ensure that we use only the best industry practices and techniques, with the goal of ensuring no external influence or contamination or adulteration of the agarwood and Oud oils which we provide.

Oud has always been an expensive commodity and our prices are very competitive in today’s premium Oud market, especially considering the high quality of our products. You are invited to look around online and you will note that we carry a fair and competitive market price for the kind of Oud that we offer. Our prices are inclusive of a very beautiful packaging that makes it ideal to be presented as gifts. We are a premium Oud supplier that only caters for high grade Oud. Within this high grade, there are various elements that determine the pricing such as the origin, whether the Oud is wild or cutivated, as well as the type of Oud.

Absolutely. We can ship your Oud purchase directly to your loved one with a customised message from you free of charge. It is an ideal gift for birthdays, business gifts, anniversaries and special occasions. If you are looking for a gift to a Middle Eastern or Central Asian counterpart, it is the most ideal as the culture has taught that no one refuses a perfume.

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