Oud (Agarwood) formed from Ha Tinh’s crassna as the best one in the world !

Oud (Agarwood) formed from Ha Tinh’s crassna as the best one in the world !

On April 4th afternoon, Mr Dang Ngoc Son – Vice Chairman of People’s Committee of Ha Tinh Province – had a meeting with Mr. Jung Kwang Ho – President of Korea Association of Agarwood  about cooperation   in improving crassna and agarwood quality in Ha Tinh..  Associate Professor and Doctor Tran Hop – Chairman of Vietnam Association of  Agarwood also attended the meeting.

After more than 2 years of study,  Vietnam National University of Forestry’s reseach “Analysing the compositions of the species of crassna forming the high-quality agarwood in Vietnam”  , which was funded by Government of Federal Republic of Germany and conducted in Ha Tinh,  initially showed that the qualities of crassna and agarwood in Ha Tinh probably ranked first in the world.

The result of this research is the basis for Vietnam Association of  Agarwood and Korea Association of Agarwood to reach the decision of development cooperation in potentiality of growing crassna in Ha Tinh Province.

In Ha Tinh, crassna are grown mainly in mountainous districts such as Huong Khe, Vu Quang, Huong Son, Ky Anh, especially in Phuc Trach Commune (Huong Khe). Currently, the province has a planted crassna forest area of nearly 150 hectares and nearly 3 million trees (equivalent to 3,000 hectares) planted in the household gardens. It can be affirmed that crassnas can bring a huge amount of potentiality and benefit to Ha Tinh, which helps the province  call for investment cooperation and proceed to build the brand name of Ha Tinh Agarwood.

Vice chairman of the provincial People’s Committee suggested that the Korea Roar Scabies Association should assign specialists to support in opening new areas of raw materials of clean high-quality agarwood with closed-loop producing process, from selecting seeds, breeding crassna, gathering to producing At first , a model of industrializing production can be piloted in Phuc Trach Commune (Huong Khe), aiming to train local people for crafting agarwood, then to set up craft villages.

At the meeting, the President of Korean Agarwood Association, Jung Kwang Ho said, the association will proceed step by step in the process of cooperation to achieve the best results. In 2015, the Association took samples of Vietnamese agarwood for studying. The result demonstrated that Vietnamese agarwood was one of the best in the world.

This is the first time, Ha Tinh has been  shared  the achievements of agarwood studies with by Korea. Hopefully, the meeting will open a new direction for the development of clean high-quality agarwood production in Ha Tinh.


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