Is Agar Oud safe to use?

With the highest yielding unique agarwood method available today, Oud Vietnam can provide farmed oud chips of excellent quality and safety for users.
Aquilaria crassna planting, natural fungus growth, resin checking after 14 months, clear resin development, even in tiny branches, cross-cut after 14 months, processing chips, high-grade Agarwood chips for export
Oud Vietnam inspects each and every OUD chip to ensure that every product that leaves our production plant is flawless.
Cultivated oud chips are a fantastic choice for those searching for tranquility, quiet, and relaxation with OUD flavors. They are reasonably priced and of great quality.

Cultivated agarwood is harvested after 2-3 years, although natural agarwood can be found on aquilaria trees for up to ten years. As a result, the oil quality in natural agarwood is always higher, resulting in a 3 or 4 times higher market price.

Despite the artificial base, farmed agarwood products are completely free of chemicals.

There is no dirty trick, no overuse of chemical fertilizers, and no application of dangerous substances. The planting technique simply mimics nature, i.e. physically injuring the tree with blades, drilling holes, or fire damage. 

Although injections of a fungal chemical similar to ant hormone are used to keep wounds open, they are closely monitored to guarantee proper content.

Furthermore, the chemical has already worn out by the time agarwood is removed.

Because of the increased demand for agarwood, several producers have developed low-quality items in order to save money and time. Agarwood chips and bracelets can be soaked in synthetic oil, and essential oil is combined with different types of aroma.

It is difficult to tell the difference between pure agarwood and mixed agarwood. As a result, before engaging in any agarwood-related commercial transaction, customers should be aware of the brand with a good reputation as well as the characteristics of high-quality agarwood.

OUD Vietnam, as an agarwood manufacturer, has invested in professionally sophisticated equipment and ongoing research in order to provide the greatest goods, which are the Quintessence of Vietnamese Agarwood.

Aside from the highly pleasant aroma, powerful sweetness of wood, and natural flavor, the deep and warmly spicy characteristic of scents (available exclusively from Oud Vietnam) is said to be an effective air freshener for the Corona pandemic.

The smoke and smells of Agarwood (Oud) have the capacity to eliminate germs, mildew, and stains while remaining in the living room for an extended period of time, therefore supporting respiratory health for the entire family.

The highly antiseptic and disinfecting capabilities of the oud aroma, which are proven from numerous research certified in Vietnam, the Eastern Medicine Association throughout the globe, particularly from Japan, a country with a long-standing fragrance culture.

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