Real Oud and Industrial Oud? How to identify?

Many people believe that the darker the oud, the more oil it contains, and hence the more genuine the oud. But is that correct? Many companies take advantage of this client bias to oil the oud pieces. This not only harms the reputation of Vietnamese agarwood but also harms the health of clients. So, how can you tell the difference between real oud and industrial oud?

There are 6 factors you can consider to distinguish real oud from fake oud

FactorsReal Oud Industrial Oud
SurfaceSmall veins, smooth surfaceLarge veins, solid texture
ColorResin, when placed under the light it’s glitter.No glitter under the light.
Fragrantthe smell of grassthe smell of burnt sugar
Feeling when hold by handsdry, no oilyWhen holding it in hand for a while, it gets greasy 
The smoke after burningThe smoke is blue, thin at first, and straightens itself after 2-3 secondsThe smoke is thick, and the resin boiling immediately
Scentthe sweet, slightly spicy flavor At first, it smells sweet, but later on, it smells like burning

Above are the factors that help customers easily distinguish real oud and industrial oud by themselves. Oud Vietnam always wants to be able to provide practical values ​​and the best types of oud to customers. We are confident that our oud is made from the best quality agarwood trees in Vietnam. Contact us to purchase.

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