4 Advantages of Oud Bracelets

4 Advantages of Oud Bracelets

We all know that oud bracelets are rare jewelry, even more, valuable than gold. However, it has more benefits than just a bracelet or a necklace. So what are the advantages of agarwood bracelets?

1. Wearing agarwood bracelet with an attractive and pleasant aroma, helps to relax and comfort.

Agarwood is a substance with a calming, sweet aroma. This aroma is employed in perfumery as a fixative to create enticing, long-lasting fragrances. That’s why when you wear an agarwood bracelet you will always feel relaxed and comfortable.

2. Wearing agarwood bracelet will penetrate and absorb through the skin, making the body healthy.

Agarwood bracelet is considered a miracle medicine in oriental medicine. There are many remedies and history books about the use and healing methods of agarwood. Especially when you are in a state of physical stress due. The fragrance of agarwood bracelet will immediately dispels that heavy feeling and make your body more healthier.

3. Wearing agarwood bracelet will help exorcise good luck and avoid many calamities.

The scent of agarwood bracelet is an invisible spiritual bridge. You will find it is used a lot in large temples, or churches. The spreading of incense everywhere is also for the purpose of purifying the surrounding area.

4. Effective exorcism & Bring good luck

Agarwood bracelet has positive properties, is a very good repelling and absorbing item of yin, the ancients often left a little agarwood in their pockets to avoid bad omens.

The use of oud as jewelry to wear with you is considered an effective method to help yourself avoid bad things, bring good luck, the gentle fragrance from agarwood products carried with you also helps. make you feel comfortable and at ease.

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