Currently, agarwood bracelets are sold rampantly, but 99% of all oud products in Vietnam do not have a certificate of inspection, so it is inevitable to buy the fake or bad quality products at high prices. Many places of sale are not clear, they do not specify the origin and price; and even many places sell fake products, bait and switch…Articles on other websites contain incomplete, or even wrong content. The writers are not experts in this field we can easily confuse.As a factory specializing in producing agarwood bracelets for many years. Today, we will help you define whether those oud bracelets are real or fake. 

1. Determine if the bracelet is made of oud wood or notIdentifying the wood fibers of the agarwood bracelet that you want to buy is very important. It helps you avoid buying fake agarwood.The real oud bracelet has wood grain that will be divided into 2 separate fibers (actually there is only 1 fiber, but between the fibers there is a gap, and the oud will fill those tiny gaps, visually creating for us two separate fibers have a color difference.)After you have determined that your oud bracelet is made of agarwood, you have reached 50% of the process of identifying the real oud bracelet.However, the remaining 50% is really difficult if you have not used or been instructed directly (collectively called “experiences”).The low-oil oud lumber looks rather spongy, but when the oud oil fills these holes you’ll find it firmer and more solid. Also depending on the geographic location forming the agarwood tree, its wood grain is hard or soft.After identifying exactly as oud wood, we need to know whether the oud bracelet is made from natural oud material or is artificial incense.

2. How to distinguish natural agarwood braceletsNatural agarwood bracelet is made entirely from natural agarwood, machined monolithically from agarwood blocks formed by physical and biological agents from nature, agglomerate agglomeration over the years.Natural oud bracelets will not be too fragrant. The strong aroma is proportional to the quality of the oil contained in the bracelet, its origin and the density of the wood in the bracelet.Natural oud bracelets will fall in color from dark yellow to black depending on the quality of the agarwood, but it always has 2 different colors, 1 darker and 1 lighter.2.1 Distinguishing between natural and oil pressed incense oud bracelets.The two types are quite easy to distinguish, the main method is smelling the two types is quite different.Natural oud bracelets will smell sweet, mellow, not intense.The oil-pressed oud bracelet also has a sweet smell, but it is a bit strong like the smell of traditional Chinese medicine due to the need to cook the high form of medicinal herbs.The natural bracelet is usually light due to the low amount of essential oils, however, a submerged type A1 natural oud fiber is very similar to the oil press because the essential oil content in the wood is very much and dark.The oil-pressed oud bracelet is mostly gram-heavy, because it is pressed a lot of agarwood oil to penetrate the wood fibers. The more oil, the longer the aroma will take. These bracelets are usually dark and black.However, there are still many products that add little oil, or remove the outer layer of oil for a lighter color.2.2 Distinguishing the bracelet of natural oud with the bracelet of cultured agarwood.To distinguish these two types is really quite difficult, you have to be in direct contact many times to be able to distinguish.Agarwood bracelets are products made from agarwood grown and cultivated using scientific techniques. The age of plants is low, so the quality of agarwood and the scent is not good.But these agarwood bracelets are made from cultivated agarwood very similar to those naturally occurring bracelet oud bracelets with little oil.The way to distinguish these types also rely mainly on the smell of oud contained in the bracelet.But most sellers often put a layer of oud essential oil outside these gardens to create a scent that is easy to sell.So if you see a bracelet with little oil, thin wood grain, strong aroma, you should be questioning ….If you keep seeing the deep yellow, golden brown bracelets and see that the oily wood grain seems wet, or the aroma is too fragrant and sold at low prices, be careful.There are still very good aromatic garden loops, extremely strong aroma, but rarely found and often those bracelets are also quite high.People who know how to collect agarwood will know about the scent, because the most precious incense is its emitted scent.That scent comes from the oil deposited in the wood, so the more the oil, the more aromatic the fragrance, the higher its value.2.3 Order view of braceletsIf the shop sells a variety of bracelets, get the light colors, wood grain bracelets first. Shape its gentle scent, then grab dark dark circles.If you see it has a strong smell, be suspicious …. On the other hand, if you smell bracelets with good odor quality, when smelling low quality bracelets, there will be no smell (deafness)

3. See if there are monolithic or compounded incense braceletsThe agarwood bracelet is made from monolithic without grafting or glue. On the market today, there are emerging agarwood bracelets.The bracelet is very fragrant, has a lot of oil, has a beautiful shade, is true to the taste of the user. But few people tell the customer that it is compressed from dozens of thin glue pieces.The matching bass bracelet is also “can” be considered as real if the seller gives the correct advice to the customer.Real incense bracelets are natural incense bracelets and artificial incense bracelets.But the truth here is to tell the truth, to give honest advice to customers.To distinguish real oud, we should also know what is fake incense, right? There is now to avoid to dodge, to even know that I was deceived by it and will not be mistaken next time. 

4. What is a fake incense bracelet?The fake oud bracelet is a bracelet that is unrelated or has an element that is not oud. It is considered a fake oud bracelet.Case 1: The wood is agar but the oil is chemical flavor braceletIf the aroma is chemical oil, you will easily recognize it, its smell is very strong, the smell must be sweet and warm. If there is any smell that smells strong, and fragrant is like vanilla, you should avoid it.Case 2: It is not loud but is compressed or just applies oud oil.If the wood is soft but compresses the natural oud oil under high pressure, it is very good to use, the smell and time of incense is equivalent to the pressing of the oud oil.If it is hard wood, the compression of essential oils is very difficult, the amount of oil contained in the wood is very little, so the odor retention time of this fake incense bracelet is very short.Worse than taking wood and soaking the outer layer with agarwood oil, you will see a very good smell, because it is a natural deep oil so it smells “delicious” than natural goods, but only a few times. week is considered as weak bracelet trash wood.Case 3: Not made of oud wood, be impregnated or compressed with chemical oil.This is the worst case scenario when you buy the right. You are buying a bracelet that has no feng-shui value, wearing bracelet chemical oil compresses can make your skin allergic.However, hypersensitive skin weabracelet natural oil pressed oud bracelet or natural oud bracelet can still itch, go through hundreds of thousands of products sold, and feedback from dealers, retail customers still have people wear real incense but still itch because their body is sensitive to oud oil, due to its hot properties.

5. Oud bracelet priceThe price of oud bracelet depends on the material they made of, so the range of price of the oud bracelet is wide.Natural oud bracelet depends on the origin of the oud, the essential oil content contained in the wood as well as the size of the charms.To get a good natural oud incense bracelet you will have to spend a lot of money. Of course there will still be cheap products with small charms sizes.You have to determine the quality of the bass bracelet to feel the money you spend is worth it or not.Or you can find a highly reputable shop to get their advisory. 

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