Superior Natural Agarwood Misbah

Misbah has been associated with religious rites since ancient times, and it constituted a manifestation of piety, playing an important role especially in glorification and exalting God Almighty. Oud Vietnam is the only Vietnamese company to design and provide several types of Misbah, which are made from Kynam Superior Agarwood.

1. History of Misbah

According to historical data, the religion Misbah initially arose in India. Muslims obtained the notion via encountering Indian peoples through commerce and conquests in the early fifth century BC.

As is well known, Muslim traders’ land and sea convoys contributed significantly to commerce and culture exchange, as the beads, materials, and stones created from them flowed over hundreds of years to the Arabian Peninsula, where Muslim navigators were delivering “agate” from West Asia to Mecca. 

And the term the Misbah is typically derived from a theological or linguistic standpoint.

2. The meaning of Misbah in Worship Activities

In the Umayyad era, the Misbah appeared as a means of glorifying God Almighty, and with time it became one of the manifestations of piety and a means of calming the soul. With the expansion of Islamic conquests and the increase in wealth, the craftsmen excelled in designing beads from jewels and precious woods.

Likewise, the religious Misbah consists of 33, 66 beads or 99 beads according to the number of the Beautiful Names of God, and it is made up of the “Imam”, the head of the Misbah, and the two separating witnesses that differ from the rest of the beads, the first of which is located after the thirty-third beads, and the second after the sixty-six beads. Usually attached to the head of the Imam is a tassel fabric or metal.

3. Oud Vietnam Superior Natural Agarwood Misbah

Due to diversified demand of customer, we provide several types of Misbah including traditional models: 33, 66 and 99 beads. There are two size of beads 6mm and 8mm for men and women, the length of Misbah can be customized in order to fit to every customers.

We also provide alternative choices of Imam designs with Kakorsha.

Size of Imam

4. Benefits of Using Oud Beads

We chose Kynam Agarwood as the main material of the Misbah instead of other jewels and stones for the following reasons:

  • The deep and spicy feature of scents (only available from Oud Vietnam) is considered an effective air freshener for the Corona epidemic.
  • Highly antiseptic and disinfectant properties, which are certified from many studies carried out in Vietnam, the Eastern Medicine Association to the world, especially from a country with a long-standing fragrance culture from Japan.
  • One of the other special things about an Agarwood bead is that its odor and color will be enhanced over the years.
  • The longer you wear it, the better the scent.
  • The more often the bracelet is rubbed against the skin, the stronger its scent will be.
  • Wear it daily to continuously benefit from its therapeutic fragrance.

5. Promotion when purchasing Misbah in June

To show our gratitude to our beloved customers, we applied these following promotions for Misbah products:

  • Sale-off 30% for all Misbah
  • Buy 2 get 1 for free

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