Expanding Global Business Horizons: Oud Vietnam Joins the Vietnam – Brazil Trade Conference
the Vietnam - Brazil Trade Conference in Vietnam

Held on March 21, 2024, at the Melia Hotel in Hanoi, the Vietnam – Brazil Trade Conference was organized by the Brazilian Embassy in Vietnam, in close coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of Brazil and the Brazilian Trade Promotion Agency. The conference is an opportunity for Vietnamese businesses to meet Brazilian businesses in the fields of agriculture, food, beverages, fruits, and fruit juice; Livestock and animal feed; Machinery and equipment, fertilizer, biotechnology; Leather and Footwear; Fashion; Furniture and Construction Materials; Education, Health care and medical equipment, etc. thereby seeking the possibility of expanding business cooperation with Brazilian companies.

The Vietnam – Brazil Trade Conference was organized in Vietnam

On the occasion of the visit to Vietnam by the Deputy Minister, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of Brazil, and a delegation of Brazilian businesses. The event emphasized the mutual commitment to exploring and expanding bilateral trade relations. Vietnamese Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr. Phùng Đức Tiến, highlighted the agricultural strengths of both nations, underpinning the agricultural sector’s crucial role in their economies despite its modest contribution to the GDP.

Brazil’s Ambassador to Vietnam, Marco Farani, reflected on the complementary nature of the two economies, noting Brazil’s global leadership in energy transition and environmental conservation policies. Such alignment fosters a fertile ground for sustainable agricultural development and strengthens the potential for a flourishing partnership between Vietnam and Brazil.

CEO Nguyet Le of Oud Vietnam at  the Vietnam – Brazil Trade Conference

Oud Vietnam, a leading Vietnamese company in the production and supply of high-quality products Agarwood. Oud Vietnam not only demonstrated its commitment to quality and sustainability but also opened doors to potential partnerships, aiming to elevate the global appreciation of Agarwood and its various applications.

The event echoed the shared aspirations of Vietnam and Brazil to harness their agricultural strengths, amidst challenges such as geographical distances, and to foster a sustainable and prosperous trade relationship.

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