Happy Iftar Day 2024: Promoting Collaboration between Vietnam and Islamic Countries

On April 3rd, in Hanoi, the Happy Iftar Day 2024 was held. The event saw the participation of Ambassadors, business executives, and representatives from various sectors. The Happy Iftar Day marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan – the most sacred occasion for Muslims. This event not only embodies the beauty of connection, compassion, sharing, and altruism, regardless of financial status, but it also demonstrates the resilient spirit of the Muslim community.

Some delegates attending the program took souvenir photos.

Oud Vietnam, a leading company in the production and supply of Agarwood products, participated to strengthen cooperation with Islamic countries. Oud Vietnam’s participation underscores the importance of cultural and economic exchange, demonstrating the potential for fruitful partnerships in sectors like trade, technology, and tourism. Such interactions promise to elevate Vietnam’s relations with Islamic countries, fostering a landscape ripe for collaborative success across various fields.

After three years of successful organization, the Happy Iftar Day has contributed to spreading the human values of Muslims, enhancing cultural exchanges, and raising awareness about Islamic culture. It stands as a testament to the growing relationship between Vietnam and Islamic countries, highlighting the potential for future collaborations in various sectors including trade, tourism, and cultural exchange.

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