Kỳ Nam – The best of the best OUD

The best of the best

Tom Ford Oud Wood Type Fragrance Oil | Pure Fragrance Oils

Ky Nam is the best of all the agarwood spieces, with the most prized aroma of all oud.
It is the rarest wood in the earth, said to be rater than Titanium, Plantinum, and Dimond.
The price of Ky Nam could go upto QRA36,500 ( 10,000 USD) for a single gram, with a kilogam costing milion.
It is very hard to find Ky Nam this time.
Geographical and ecological conditions also contribute to the best source for agarwood. Vietnam is home to Kinam, all of Vietnam oud aroma will be similar Ky Nam.
If you wanna try pure vietnam Oud, feel free to contact us.

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