Oud Vietnam joins press appreciation event with enterprises.

On June 15, 2023, Oud Vietnam had the honor of participating in a remarkable press appreciation event, held at the prestigious Jade Moon restaurant in Hanoi with the presence of numerous journalists, experts, and CEOs in attendance, notable individuals included Kieu Thanh Hung – Former Director General of Hanoi Television/Deputy Chairman of the Hanoi Journalists Association, Mr. Nguyen Tat Thinh – Business Restructuring Expert, Head of Advisory Board at the Institute of Business Management, Mr. Hoang Lam – Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Lao Dong Newspaper, Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Thanh Loi – Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Economic & Urban Newspaper, Mr. Phung Xuan Lam – Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Business & Marketing Magazine, Mr. Vu Nhat Thang – Business & Marketing Magazine, Mr. Nguyen Van Quang – Thanh Nien Viet Magazine, Mrs. Nga – Representative of Tuoi Tre Thudoc, and Mrs. Quynh – Head of the Economic Department at Tien Phong Newspaper..

This gathering served as an opportunity to acknowledge and express gratitude to the media for their invaluable support, while also fostering stronger relationships between the press and businesses. Oud Vietnam, a prominent enterprise in the country, recognizes the significance of media collaboration in promoting its brand and achieving its goals.

Press and business representatives unite, holding Oud Vietnam gift boxes together.

The event brought together an array of esteemed media professionals and distinguished representatives from various enterprises. Oud Vietnam, renowned for its exceptional oud fragrances and products, embraced this opportunity to showcase its deep appreciation for the press’s role in disseminating information about its brand and enhancing public awareness. By actively engaging with the media, Oud Vietnam aimed to reinforce its commitment to transparency, trust, and cooperation.

The representative of Oud Vietnam took a photo with the editor-in-chief of the new Hanoi newspaper

During the event, Oud Vietnam expressed its gratitude towards the media partners who have played a pivotal role in its success. Recognizing the immense influence the press holds in shaping public opinion, Oud Vietnam acknowledged the dedicated efforts of journalists, reporters, and media outlets in promoting its products and highlighting its corporate values. The enterprise emphasized its dedication to providing accurate and timely information, facilitating a symbiotic relationship with the media.

Business and press delegates warmly clasp hands, forging a cordial bond.

The press appreciation event served as an ideal platform for Oud Vietnam to strengthen its relationships with media partners and foster long-term collaborations. By organizing such gatherings, the enterprise demonstrated its commitment to open communication channels and mutual understanding. Oud Vietnam representatives engaged in meaningful discussions with journalists, exchanging ideas, and exploring future opportunities for collaboration. These interactions helped to bridge any gaps and fostered an atmosphere of camaraderie and shared vision.

Press representatives holding Oud Vietnam gift boxes.

Oud Vietnam emphasized the pivotal role of the media in shaping public opinion, educating consumers, and propelling businesses forward. By acknowledging the media’s influence and expressing gratitude, Oud Vietnam showcased its commitment to responsible and ethical business practices. The enterprise reaffirmed its dedication to providing accurate and comprehensive information, reinforcing its brand’s credibility and fostering a positive relationship with its target audience.

Press representatives holding Oud Vietnam gift boxes.

Oud Vietnam’s participation in the press appreciation event on June 15, 2023, exemplified the enterprise’s recognition of the vital role played by the media in its success. By expressing gratitude and strengthening relationships with media partners, Oud Vietnam showcased its commitment to collaboration and transparency. As a forward-thinking enterprise, Oud Vietnam acknowledges that a strong partnership with the media is essential for achieving its long-term goals and ensuring the continued growth of its brand in Vietnam and beyond.


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