Oud Vietnam and the Journey of Producing Agarwood to Global Trademark Standards

Nowadays, concern for one’s health and choosing consumer products has become more important than ever. Customers increasingly demand safety and reliability from the products they consume. To meet these growing needs, Oud Vietnam has been relentless in ensuring that its products meet Global Trademark standards.

1. HALAL Trademark

Agarwood, with its unique essence and spiritual value, has long been an essential part of many Islamic cultures, believed to have spiritual and therapeutic benefits for the soul. With this responsibility, Oud Vietnam understands the importance of meeting HALAL requirements for Agarwood products. We recognize that Islams consumers place their trust in the HALAL Trademark. And we take pride in marking our products with this standard.

The HALAL Oud production process includes meticulous scrutiny of the entire manufacturing process, from sourcing raw materials to packaging and labeling the final product. This trademark provides consumers with the assurance that our products are pure, clean, and comply with Islamic standards. HALAL Trademark is especially vital for Islamic consumers, where the use of HALAL products holds significant importance.

One of the key principles of producing Agarwood under the HALAL Trademark is sustainability. Usage of Agarwood is sustainable methods that do not harm the environment or the trees themselves. This means that trees must be harvested in a way that allows them to continue growing and developing rather than being indiscriminately felled. 

Oud Vietnam and the Journey of Producing Agarwood to Global Trademark Standards

Furthermore, the production process involves using ethical and sustainable methods to extract resin from the wood. Include natural extraction methods such as hydrodistillation and hydroelectric distillation, rather than chemical extraction methods that could be harmful to the environment and the trees themselves.

2. VEGAN Trademark

Oud Vietnam is committed not only to respecting consumers but also to the environment and animal ethics. We understand that there is a growing demand for Agarwood products that not only exclude animal ingredients but also adhere to environmental protection principles.

Our VEGAN Trademark Agarwood products contain no animal ingredients and do not harm animals or the environment during the production process. We are dedicated to developing clean production processes that protect the environment and meet the demands of consumers who seek ethical and environmentally responsible products.

Choosing Agarwood products adorned with the VEGAN Trademark extends a transparent, clear, and reassuring experience for vegan consumers, signifying adherence to the standards outlined above. This emblem is a hallmark of trust for vegans across the globe.

Oud Vietnam and the Journey of Producing Agarwood to Global Trademark Standards

Producing in accordance with global trademark standards confers numerous advantages over other variants of Agarwood. Renowned for its capacity to induce serenity and relaxation, Agarwood’s fragrance possesses a tranquilizing effect on the mind and body, rendering it a popular choice for applications in aromatherapy and meditation. Additionally, Agarwood is believed to possess healing properties, often employed in treating a diverse range of ailments. Its anti-inflammatory and pain reliever attributes make it valuable in addressing conditions such as headaches, muscular discomfort and arthritis. Furthermore, Agarwood also enhances concentration and intelligence. Its aroma acts as a stimulant for the mind, benefiting learning and activities that require mental alertness.

Oud Vietnam is not just a typical Agarwood production business. We are a journey, a mission to meet customer needs in a challenging world. The integration of the art of Agarwood production with global trademark standards such as HALAL and VEGAN Trademarks represent our commitment to respect, quality, ethics, and the environment. When you choose Oud Vietnam, you are not just purchasing Agarwood products, you are participating in a journey of dedication and ethics in Agarwood production.


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