Oud Chunks Grade AAA+ 0,5mm – OCK1
- 5%

Oud Chunks Grade AAA+ 0,5mm – OCK1


Model number: OCK1

Color: Dark Brown

Scent: Warm, very sweet, earthy and pleasant

Specifications: The majority of 2 sides is resin. Very little white wood left.No chemicals, no artifical color added

Thickness:≤ 0,5 mm

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Oud Vietnam Chunks are superior quality Vietnam Agarwood (Oud or Oudh) with reasonable prices. Our chunks have high resins, which are made from inside parts of agarwood trees grown in our plantation Ha Tinh province by skilled artisans . All of chunks are pure Agarwood Chunks, none of them are pre-treated or soaked with oils. 

Agarwood chunks are great for tea or scent ceremony, you can enjoy your favorite cup of tea at the same time immerse in the delicacy of aromatic atmosphere. It is also a unique and luxurious way to start a conversation with friends and family members. Their usages are versatile.

Enjoy unique aroma of the chunks in the most direct way by heating them.

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Product Information

Product Name Oud Chunks Grade AAA+ 0,5mm
Material 100% oud (Agarwood)
Place of origin Ha Tinh province, Vietnam.
Brand name OUD Vietnam
Grade AAA+
Model number OCK1


 Dark Brown

Warm, very sweet, earthy and pleasant

  • The majority of 2 sides is resin. Very little white wood left.
  • No chemicals, no artifical color added
  • All OUD products from our factory are following of terms and conditions #HALAL !
Thickness ≤ 0,5 mm
Use For burning to release fragrance
Certificate  CITES, CO

Crafting method

Free sample; No free ship

Totally by hand

Free Sample of 5g is always offer.

Package & Delivery

Package Nylon bags. Carton box outside
Min order quantity 100 (gram)
Shipping  DHL
Delivery timePayment method 1 week after paymentPaypal
Identify Real or Fake agarwood ?
Agarwood- a unique and rare natural product – is increasingly favored for its great uses. However, because of its high value, the agarwood market is increasingly fierce and there are countless products that are counterfeited to deceive consumers. On the market appeared different types of agar oil. Therefore, those who are interested in products from agarwood need to immediately pocket for themselves ways to identify fake agarwood to avoid buying the wrong quality goods. Here are 4 ways to identify and distinguish real agarwood – fake, let join us to learn more.
1. Natural agarwood
Natural agarwood is born from the sap of the gourd tree to heal wounds on the tree trunk. This resin causes the wood molecules to change shape. Color and fragrance. Natural agarwood has a high and heavy oil content. Natural agarwood will have clear wood grain, moderately dark color. True agarwood gives off a gentle scent and spreads in the space. Natural oud is long-lived and is not lost.
Natural agarwood is very soft, so it is difficult to process for mass production. Therefore, it is extremely rare and very valuable. A round of natural agarwood costs.
2. Artificial agarwood
Because agarwood is very precious and very high value, so few businesses do this type of agarwood. The main products on the market today are artificial agarwood. This is a product from gourd plants grown and cultivated in agarwood. It takes about 10-20 years for the gourd tree to be drilled into the hole to be planted. After implantation, it takes about 5 years to create oud.
However, not all trees can produce oud, and the success rate is very little. That is why artificial agarwood is also very precious and high value. Artificial agarwood, although not as fragrant as natural agarwood, still gives a mild scent.
🌳Distinguished by observation by the naked eye
Real agar oil has a high value in terms of health, heavy in hand, not too glossy, natural wood color, the more oil and vein of the wood grain, the higher the essential oil content.
Fake agar oil is often impregnated with other woods. It has a very dark brown or black color because it is colored to look like real oud, looks beautiful, shiny, so the oil veins on the wood cannot be seen. , the grip is uncertain and lighter than real incense.
🌳🌳You can also distinguish real fake agarwood by smell.
Real agarwood always has a delicate faint scent. Not passionate but fragrant for a long time and very pleasant. While the counterfeits will smell like perfume, sometimes they are unpleasant to smell. Real agar oil often has a light, faint scent. The fake agar oil and cheap agar oil have a very strong smell at first when there is no temperature effect because they are impregnated with agar oil essential oil or chemical aromas.
🌳🌳🌳 How to identify agarwood: Burning
In addition to smelling directly, you can burn agarwood samples to smell the smell of the wood when burning because real agarwood, when burned directly, will emit a pleasant aroma and less smoke. Meanwhile, agarwood is fake due to impregnation with chemicals, so when exposed to high temperatures, it will have a strong and unpleasant smell. Even causing eye irritation and respiratory distress when inhaled.
Currently on the market, imitation agarwood appears a lot with its sophisticatedly crafted appearance. It is difficult to detect or distinguish fake incense. Therefore, you should find out the addresses to sell reputable and quality products from agarwood. OUd Vietnam is always proud to be a supplier of products from 100% natural agarwood. Exquisite handcrafted craftsmanship with many years of experience.

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