Circle wooden burning box High-end Incense Coil – Circle Box
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Circle wooden burning box High-end Incense Coil – Circle Box



Welcome to Oud Vietnam and thank you for choosing us!!

You can order Circle wooden burning box of incense Coil here.

Circle wooden burning box  is made from premium wood. Clean and clear, no strange smell of burning box.

Many sophisticated patterns on it, lined with fire-retardantfabric for to safe to for burning incense.


Circle Premium wooden burning box with various designs: 8.5$ per box.

Our aim is to bring you high quanlity Agarwood products from Vietnam.All OUD products from our factory are following of terms and conditions #HALAL !

We would like to share these with you; a great ongoing relationship and ouds you love.

At Oud Vietnam, you can rest assured that you are getting a good bang for your buck. In fact, we welcome you to shop around and compare competitors’ products. We are confident that you will find that we strike a perfect balance with the price and quality we offer.

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