Superior Underwater VietNam Oud Bracelet 108 Beads 6mm – SUB2 – [BUY 1 GET 1]
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Superior Underwater VietNam Oud Bracelet 108 Beads 6mm – SUB2 – [BUY 1 GET 1]



Superior Underwater VietNam Oud Bracelet 108 Beads 8mm – OUB108

Superior Underwater VietNam Oud Bracelet 108 Beads 8mm - OUB108

Our Superior Underwater Oud Bracelet 108 beads Is Handcrafted By Skilled Artisans Using Genuine Natural Underwater Oud Tree Material From Vietnam. It Gives Off A Pleasant Aroma And Can Bring Luck For The Owner.

With the most skilled woodworker and perennial agarwood trees, Oud Vietnam is confident to be the number 1 supplier in Vietnam of the best quality underwater oud Bracelet. Oud bracelets made from agarwood of Oud Vietnam will bring customers the most wonderful fragrances so that not only their health but also their souls will be cared for and cherished. Superior Underwater Oud Bracelet 108 beads has a lot of benefits such as:

  • An effective air freshener for the Corona epidemic.
  • Highly antiseptic and disinfectant properties, which are certified from many studies certified in Vietnam, the Eastern Medicine Association, and Japan.
  • Misbah’s odor and color will be enhanced over the years.
  • The longer you wear it, the better the scent.
  • Wear it daily to help reduce stress and keep inner peace

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Product Information

Product Name Underwater VietNam Oud Bracelet 108 Beads
Material Agarwood
Place of origin Ha Tinh province, Vietnam.
Brand name OUD Vietnam
Model number OUB-108
Specifications The percent of oud oil in the bracelet: More than 90%.

Aroma scent: Last forever

Scent: Strong sweet, a litter warmly spicy, comfort, holy, oudy, earthy.

BRACELET products are certified with CITES and CO.

Diameter  8mm
Weight  120 grams

Package & Delivery

Shipping  DHL
Delivery time

&Payment method

4 days after payment Paypal

What makes such an extremely simple necklace win the hearts of users so well, let’s find out.

1/  Oud bracelet 108 Beads is one of the best-selling Oud bracelets in OUD Vietnam.

Crafted from Agarwood, originating from Vietnam. The bracelet is made from 108  Agarwood beads with a gentle scent, making the wearer feel comfortable. The bracelet carries a symbolic image of spirituality in Buddhism, is the representative of the witness of the Tam Muoi Dharma expelling 108 kinds of sorrows. With 108 beads, this will be an extremely meaningful gift and jewelry for relatives and Buddhists.

Oud Vietnam underwater bracelet 108 beads
Superior Underwater VietNam Oud Bracelet 108 Beads

2/ Meaning of the number 108

In Buddhism, the number 108 represents Full and Deep, as well as the 108 types of human sorrow. People are born with ears, eyes, noses, tongues, bodies, and minds. The eyes see images, and the ears hear sounds. The nose detects the scent, and the tongue tastes sweet and sour. The body experiences hot and cold sensations, causing feelings of happiness and sadness. These emotions either purify or confuse our bodies and minds. 108 emotions from the past, present, and future are mixed together.

3/ Peaceful – trendy

Because they are feng shui bracelets, when people wear them, they will bring serenity and consciousness of intelligence, and emotions in work as well as in life, especially for men. Wearing a bracelet on the left hand in important meetings, bidding sessions, and conferences will help homeowners encounter the unfortunate, bring luck, and achieve an advantage.

4/  Oud bracelet 108 has a unique and distinctive look

Oud bracelet 108 Beads is a combination of peace and fashionable jewelry. Owners of those oud beads will keep their mind calm, away from sight, and often stay in mindfulness while also exuding a gentle, delicate but equally luxurious and noble fashion style. Bracelets can also be combined with other charms, depending on the wearer’s preference.


  1. Manufacturing process

Agarwood trees have gone through many years of sediment processing. From the process of turning the beads to the polishing, the round-making artists always put all their enthusiasm, attention, and love into oud. After being checked carefully, the beads will be strung and then the oud bracelet 108 beads are born and delivered to the customer.

When you buy 1 underwater Bracelet 108 beads, you will get 1 Superior Underwater VietNam Oud Bead Bracelet Male – UOB2 12mm FREE


Superior Underwater VietNam Oud Bead Bracelet Male – UOB2 12mm
Superior Underwater VietNam Oud Bead Bracelet Male – UOB2 12mm


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