Cultivated Oud chips is safe to use?

Cultivated Oud chips is safe to use?


Nowday, with the highest yeilding patented agarwood technology avaialble, Oud Vietnam can make cultivated oud chips which have high quality to safety use.
Seedlings germinating, Aquilaria crassna plantation, natural fungus growing, checking for resin after 14 months, clear resin formation, even in small branches, cross-cut after 14 months, processing chips, high quality Agarwood chips for export.
Each and every OUD chips at Oud Vietnam undergoes quality checks so that every product that leaves our manufacturing facility is a perfection.
With nicely price and high quanlity, cultivated oud chips is good chooice for who are looking for serenity, peacefullness and relaxing with flavours of OUD.

 Aroma: Sweet, holly, smoky, earthy
Shipping to worldwide
Our products have been developed while keeping in mind the effect an aroma creates on the minds and souls.

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