Superior Underwater VietNam Oud Bead Bracelet 8mm – OUB8 – [ BUY 1 GET 1 ]

Superior Underwater VietNam Oud Bead Bracelet 8mm – OUB8 – [ BUY 1 GET 1 ]


Model Number: OUB8

The percent of agarwood essential oil: More than 90%

Duration of fragrance: Forever

Scent:  Strong sweet, a litter warmly spicy, comfort, holy, oudy, earthy.

Certification: CITES and CO.

Note: We also provide the number of beads that you request. For example 66 beads, 99 beads,…etc..




Superior Underwater VietNam Oud Bead Bracelet 8mm – OUB8


Superior Underwater VietNam Oud Bead Bracelet 8mm – OUB8
Superior Underwater VietNam Oud Bead Bracelet 8mm – OUB8

Our Superior Underwater Oud Bracelet Is Handcrafted By Skilled Artisans Using Genuine Natural Underwater Oud Tree Material From Vietnam. It Gives Off A Pleasant Aroma And Can Bring Luck For The Owner.

With the most skilled woodworker and perennial agarwood trees, Oud Vietnam is confident to be the number 1 supplier in Vietnam of the best quality underwater oud Bracelet. Oud bracelets made from agarwood of Oud Vietnam will bring customers the most wonderful fragrances so that not only their health but also their souls will be cared for and cherished. Superior Underwater Oud Bracelet has a lot of benefits such as:

  • An effective air freshener for the Corona epidemic.
  • Highly antiseptic and disinfectant properties, which are certified from many studies certified in Vietnam, the Eastern Medicine Association, and Japan.
  • Misbah’s odor and color will be enhanced over the years.
  • The longer you wear it, the better the scent.
  • Wear it daily to help reduce stress and keep inner peace

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Product Information

Product Name Underwater VietNam Oud Bracelet
Material Agarwood
Place of origin Ha Tinh province, Vietnam.
Brand name OUD Vietnam
Model number OUB8
  • Beads from pure agarwood (no artificial color or chemical)
  • All OUD products from our factory are following of terms and conditions #HALAL !
Diameter 8mm
Weight 10 grams

Package & Delivery

Shipping  DHL
Delivery time

&Payment method

1 week after payment

 Underwater VietNam Oud Bead Bracelet 

Agarwood has a gentle scent that makes us feel comfortable, refreshed, and comfortable, dispelling frustration and fatigue as if bringing a new source of lucky energy to the wearer. Agarwood is a feng-shui object, which helps the wearer always feel safe and convenient in life, improves health, and eliminates harmful properties. As a talisman, the purpose is to dispel all evil aura, and darkness, and dissolve bad omen around the wearer.

Bracelets made from 100% natural Agarwood are simple but very personal and are no longer too strange in the jewelry market. In terms of use, there are almost no other types of jewelry. In addition, the round shape makes Agarwood Bracelets easy to rub against the wearer’s skin, creating a soft and soft feeling, helping the body always emit a mild fragrance.

Underwater VietNam Oud Bracelet
Underwater VietNam Oud Bracelet


About Agarwood Material

– Origin of agarwood: Agarwood is used to make a single underwater round Vietnam oud bracelet with a reasonable price, beautiful oil veins, darker color, and pleasant aroma. Agarwood, originating from VIETNAM, carries the value of the rare and high-class, giving customers a wonderful experience from scent to finished products.

– Age: 50-60 years

– Commit 100% of natural Agarwood products, with 50 – 60 years of sedimentation, no chemical impregnation, quality assurance, detection of fake agarwood, 100% refund of product value.

– Agarwood veins contain resin

-The higher the age of Tram, the clearer our vein is, the higher amount of resin oud contain. Agar oil help us relax and speacially make our sleep deeper with oud scent

-Scent of agarwood

-The value of agarwood increases over time of possession. The more agarwood is worn, the more beautiful it is. Gentle fragrance brings relaxation, comfort, tranquility. vietnam agarwood brings a gentle, serene and a sweet taste that anyone will feel refreshed when using it.

8mm and 12mm
8mm and 12mm

 Manufacturing process

Select Ingredients -> Turning round beads -> Polishing seeds -> Checking style -> Thread Threading -> Finished products.

Agarwood trees have gone through many years of sediment processing. From the process of turning the beads to the polishing, the round-making artists always put all their enthusiasm, attention and love for Tram Huong. After being checked carefully, seeds will be strung and from there products are born and delivered to customers

When you buy 1 Superior Underwater VietNam Oud Bead Bracelet 8mm – OUB8, you will get 1 Superior Underwater VietNam Oud Bead Bracelet 8mm– OUB8 FREE

Superior Underwater VietNam Oud Bead Bracelet 8mm – OUB8
Superior Underwater VietNam Oud Bead Bracelet 8mm – OUB8

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