Oud Wood Incense Stick 40cm- OIS


OUD Vietnam incense stick is made from the pulp of agarwood trees grown in Vietnam. The ingredients of incense stick are pure agarwood, free of toxic chemicals or artificial color. The scent can release stress, warm up the room,and fetch good luck. That is the most aromatic smoke good for heath, you can burn incense coin and enjoy relaxing the atmosphere in your car,room, house, office, spa, etc.
Agarwood incense stick is totally safe for users. This is a good solution for the problem of chemical incense massively sold in the market.

We can be a stable supplier for partners who are interested in Vietnamese agarwood


Product Information

Product Name Oud Wood Incense Stick 40cm
Material 30% pure agarwood powder + 70% post-distilled powder + natural Litsea glue, water.

NO chemicals or fragrance added.

Place of origin Ha Tinh province, Vietnam.
Brand name OUD Vietnam
Model number AIS4
Specifications  40cm Length: 40cm
 1050 sticks/kg Width: 3.5mm
Scent Pleasant, soft sweet woody scent
Sample Free sample; No free ship


Package & Delivery

Package Carton box
Min order quantity 2 set
Shipping DHL
Delivery time

Payment method

1 week after payment



Main office & Factory:

Phuc Trach village, Huong Khe District, Ha Tinh Province, Vietnam.

Trading office:

Hao Nam, Street No.168, Dong Da District, Ha Noi, Viet Nam.

Hotline: (+84)987296001 (available on whatsapp & viber)

Email: oudvietnam.no1@gmail.com