Oud Vietnam’s Official Social Media Channels

Has been established for five years, Oud Vietnam now is one of the most famous and reputed Vietnamese agarwood suppliers.

We mainly focus as well as exclusively distribute Oud products for Middle East markets. Some of our official online distribution channels are:

Four main Instagram accounts:

  1. oud_vietnam
  2. oud_vietnam_global
  3. oud_vietnam_bakhoor
  4. oud_vietnam_uae

Besides, we also have some satellite Instagram accounts to expand the scope of accessing customers:

  1. oud_vietnam_saudiarabia
  2. oud_vietnam_kuwait
  3. oud_vietnam_bahrain
  4. oud_vietnam_oman

We has also developed other social media channels to raise our brand awareness as well as giving more and more knowledge of agarwood to our customers:

  1. Youtube channel: Vietnam Oud
  2. Linkedin: Oud Vietnam
  3. Twitter: Oud Vietnam

Recently, Oud Vietnam has been flourishing fast. Therefore, there are some people try to counterfeit our brand. They created fake Instagram accounts and claimed that they were Oud Vietnam as well as messaged our customer.

Here, we are pleased to introduce our official sales team, as well as warning customers against impostors.

Sales Manager
Sales Executive
Sales Executive
Sales Executive
Sales Executive
Sales Executive
Sales Executive
Sales Executive
Sales Executive

We hope our customers can update the newest products, weekly promotions and all of our information on these social media channels!

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Main office & Factory:

Phuc Trach village, Huong Khe District, Ha Tinh Province, Vietnam.

Trading office:

Hao Nam, Street No.168, Dong Da District, Ha Noi, Viet Nam.

Hotline: (+84)987296001 (available on Whatsapp & Viber)

Email: oudvietnam.no1@gmail.com

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